Autonomous Mobility Advances in Luxembourg

Sign up for our weekly emails to stay up to date on the latest news!, a frontrunner in global autonomous vehicle technology, has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Luxembourg. This partnership underscores a mutual commitment to propel the research, development, and deployment of autonomous vehicles within the nation. The ceremony saw signatures from Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. James Peng, and Luxembourg’s Economy Minister, Lex Delles, marking a milestone in Luxembourg’s journey towards becoming a European hub for autonomous driving innovation.

Key Highlights:

  • Partnership Established: and Luxembourg government sign MoU.
  • Innovation Hub: Luxembourg to become a regional center for’s R&D.
  • Local Collaboration: Aim to build a supportive network for autonomous mobility.

Luxembourg, with its innovative landscape, offers an ideal setting for to enhance its autonomous mobility solutions. The company plans to establish a regional hub in Luxembourg, supported by Luxinnovation and local entities. This hub will focus on tailoring autonomous vehicle technologies for the European market, driving significant advancements. Both parties are set on developing a strong local infrastructure to back operational capabilities, emphasizing the importance of local partnerships in this endeavor.

Dr. James Peng stated, “ is delighted to partner with Luxembourg as we continue our global expansion.” He highlighted the company’s intention to contribute cutting-edge AV technology and comprehensive training programs to the partnership.

Minister Lex Delles expressed excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing Luxembourg’s commitment to becoming a pioneer in autonomous driving in Europe. “The signature today formalizes our collaboration and is an important step towards creating a synergy,” Delles noted, underlining the strategic alignment with Luxembourg’s economic diversification and technological advancement goals.

About stands at the forefront of autonomous driving innovation, aiming to enhance global mobility with safe and sustainable solutions. Since its founding in 2016, has pioneered the development of autonomous mobility services, collaborating with leading OEMs such as Toyota and SAIC. The company boasts over 30 million kilometers of autonomous driving tests and operations globally, marking its commitment to advancing safe autonomous transportation.

This partnership not only paves the way for’s expansion into Luxembourg and the broader European market but also signifies a crucial step towards integrating autonomous mobility into Luxembourg’s economic and technological fabric.

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