Zoox’s Revolutionary Robotaxi Hits the Streets of Las Vegas

Zoox unveils its purpose-built robotaxi in Las Vegas, paving the way toward a commercial launch of autonomous transportation services. Experience a new era of mobility with Zoox, where safety and innovation drive the future of transportation.

What’s Happening

Zoox, a pioneer in autonomous vehicle technology, has launched its innovative robotaxi in Las Vegas. The city streets welcomed the purpose-built autonomous vehicle on June 16, 2023, representing a significant milestone toward a broad commercial launch.

Why It Matters

This launch marks a historic moment for the State of Nevada, witnessing for the first time a fully autonomous, driverless robotaxi operating on public roads. Nevada becomes the second state to host Zoox’s self-driving technology, following a successful introduction in Foster City, California, earlier this year.

Key Points

The robotaxi complies with stringent safety standards set by both Zoox and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, permitting it to operate on public roads within the state. The initial route is a one-mile loop surrounding Zoox’s Las Vegas headquarters, with plans to expand in the coming months. The vehicle, capable of transporting four passengers and operating at speeds up to 35 mph, undergoes real-world tests, navigating various road conditions, traffic situations, and obstacles.

Zoox’s robotaxi development journey began with a test fleet of Toyota Highlanders arriving in Las Vegas in 2019. The company then established a local office and depot in August 2020 to support the testing fleet and is now significantly expanding its operations.

Bottom Line

Zoox is leveraging the knowledge acquired from previous autonomous rides in Foster City, California, and the forthcoming data from Las Vegas operations to enhance its services continually. The short-term goal is to offer the Las Vegas public driverless rides, but the ultimate vision extends beyond: creating safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable cities. As Zoox continues its journey, the company is set on transforming the transport landscape, and what it learns in Las Vegas will not merely stay in Vegas.


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