Wipro Collaborates with Spartan Radar to Advance Vehicle Technology

What’s Happening

Wipro Limited, a global powerhouse in technology services and consulting, has announced a new partnership with Spartan Radar, a key player in automated mobility sensor software. This exciting alliance is backed by a recent investment from Wipro Ventures in Spartan Radar’s Series B funding round.

Why It Matters

This strategic partnership allows Wipro, via its Engineering Edge business line, to harness the capabilities of Spartan Radar’s cutting-edge, software-defined 4D imaging radar technology. The key objective is to construct advanced, next-gen Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on the Wipro Cloud Car platform. This joint solution will benefit Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their direct suppliers (Tier 1 suppliers) by providing robust assisted and automated driving solutions.

Key Points

Presently, most vehicles have pre-set ADAS features with limited options for upgrade or retrofitting, as observed by Thomas Mueller, CTO of Wipro Engineering Edge. Through this partnership, Wipro aims to equip every vehicle with a powerful, affordable sensing stack, making each car capable of advanced driver support and conditional autonomous driving.

Wipro’s Cloud Car platform will serve as a launchpad, introducing Spartan technology to leading OEMs and Tier 1s. This will facilitate the delivery of future-ready, cost-effective ADAS, boasting seamless scalability.

CEO and Co-Founder of Spartan, Nathan Mintz, echoed these sentiments, underlining Spartan’s goal to address existing gaps in today’s ADAS and future autonomous vehicles. The collaboration with Wipro will lead to significant safety improvements in the automotive industry, making them accessible and affordable.

Bottom Line

This alliance presents a forward-thinking approach to vehicle technology. Wipro’s Cloud Car Data Engine and AI pipeline IP will be augmented by the integration of Spartan products. This opens doors for OEMs to deliver on-demand ADAS features and creates an environment where automotive manufacturers can build cars that continually enhance their performance. The ultimate goal is to redefine the driving experience, making it safer, smarter, and more satisfying.


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