TuSimple Integrates with Werner Enterprises

SAN DIEGO – TuSimple, a global self-driving technology company based in San Diego, announced an advanced integration with Werner Enterprises to provide roadside service and support to customers operating in “driver-out” SAE L4 autonomous mode on the TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network (AFN).

The integration pairs Werner Enterprises’ expansive roadside service network with the TuSimple Oversight system on the rapidly expanding TuSimple AFN. This is a rapidly expanding transportation network that allows freight to be moved from point to point safely and reliably employing driver-out SAE L4 autonomous trucks. The network is operational from Arizona to Florida, with over 11,200 mapped miles, and will be expanding to include major logistic routes in its next phase of development. This integration is part of the TuConnect platform, a major component of the ecosystem that comprises the AFN.

The integration is further evidence of its mission to ensure that every carrier operating on the TuSimple AFN has the best options for its fleet to receive immediate assistance for vehicles in the event that they require expedited service. Carriers will have their choice of service and support providers, including their preferred dealership, aftermarket service provider, or a Werner Enterprises authorized service center. Werner Enterprises’ nationwide network of 24/7 support will play a fundamental role in providing nationwide support to all TuSimple vehicles in operation alongside the rapidly expanding AFN. TuSimple is committed to supporting its customers as they develop plans to adopt, integrate and scale AV trucks in their fleets.

The strategic relationship with Werner Enterprises encompasses an important next stage in the development of the AFN and TuSimple driver-out commercialization. Specifically, TuSimple will be utilizing Werner Enterprises’ roadside assistance services along the TuSimple AFN to support commercialization in the Texas Triangle in events that require immediate roadside service or maintenance.

The company will continue to expand its range of service providers to ensure carriers receive a superior level of service and support to meet the unique needs of each individual carrier operating on the TuSimple AFN.


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