Torc & Uber Freight Partner for Autonomous Truck Insights

Torc Robotics and Uber Freight have announced a strategic partnership to leverage Uber Freight’s vast logistics network for the development and deployment of Torc’s autonomous truck technology.

Key Insights for Torc:

  • Optimized Lane Deployment: Identify optimal routes for autonomous truck deployment based on Uber Freight’s $18 billion in active freight under management and 100,000+ digitally-enabled carriers.
  • Prioritization Strategy: Determine which lanes and ODDs (Operational Design Domains) to prioritize for rollout.
  • Supply Chain Balancing: Manage autonomous freight integration with traditional trucking workflows to ensure efficient supply chain operations.
  • Transfer Hub Management: Optimize the use of transfer hubs for autonomous truck loading and unloading.

Partnership Benefits:

  • Accelerated Development: Uber Freight’s data and insights accelerate Torc’s mission to commercialize autonomous trucks at scale by 2027.
  • Seamless Integration: Collaboration ensures smoother integration of autonomous trucks into existing logistics infrastructure.
  • Efficient Supply Chains: Autonomous trucks contribute to more reliable and efficient supply chain operations.

Industry Collaboration:

  • Uber Freight is a longstanding member of Torc’s Autonomous Advisory Council (TAAC), demonstrating ongoing industry collaboration.
  • TAAC includes key freight players like Schneider, C.R. England, and Penske.


Peter Vaughan Schmidt, CEO of Torc: “Collaboration is paramount for autonomous trucking. This partnership ensures the technology is integrated seamlessly, safely, and efficiently.”

Lior Ron, Uber Freight Founder and CEO: “By collaborating with partners early, we shape the future of freight with autonomous trucks.”

This partnership strengthens the development of autonomous trucking technology and promises to improve the efficiency and safety of the logistics industry.


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