Thiess Pioneers Autonomous Mining at Olive Downs

Thiess has initiated autonomous mining operations at Pembroke Resources’ Olive Downs Complex. This feat marks the first simultaneous deployment of Cat® MineStar™ Command for hauling and drilling solutions in the global mining industry.

Why It Matters

This deployment symbolizes a significant leap in the mining sector’s adaptation of advanced technologies. Autonomous operations not only streamline processes but also advance sustainability agendas by minimizing diesel consumption, extending the life of consumable components, and focusing on skill development.

Key Points

  • Thiess has transitioned the Olive Downs Complex into a fully autonomous operation in just 18 months from its greenfield status.
  • The recent autonomous launch included 21 haul trucks and three drills, all equipped with autonomous technology.
  • Thiess established a private LTE network using Pembroke’s onsite communication infrastructure, ensuring the safe operation of over 85 connected assets in the autonomous zone.
  • Trent Smith, Thiess Head of Autonomy and Operations Technology, praised the collaborative effort with Pembroke Resources, Hastings Deering, and Caterpillar and emphasized Thiess’ commitment to setting a global standard.
  • Barry Tudor, Pembroke Resources CEO, emphasized the importance of the partnership in their journey towards cleaner and more energy-efficient mining operations.
  • Thiess has invested in training, upskilling over 280 team members to facilitate the autonomous operations at Olive Downs Complex.
  • The full capacity of autonomous operations includes 15 autonomous Cat 794 AC trucks, six autonomous Cat 793F trucks, and three autonomous Cat MD6310 drills.
  • Jason Smith, Hastings Deering Executive General Manager, highlighted the transformative nature of autonomous operations, underscoring the safety and efficiency benefits already observed at Olive Downs.

Bottom Line

The adoption of autonomous mining solutions by Thiess at the Olive Downs Complex sets a global benchmark. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and sustainability, this achievement demonstrates the future direction of mining operations and underscores the importance of embracing advanced technologies in the sector.


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