Stellantis Boosts LiDAR Technology

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In a significant move towards enhancing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), Stellantis Ventures has invested in SteerLight, a pioneer in next-generation LiDAR technology. This investment aligns with the Stellantis Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, emphasizing the development of technology that ensures clean, safe, and affordable mobility. SteerLight’s innovative on-chip LiDAR technology promises to revolutionize the automotive industry with its cost-effective, high-resolution sensing capabilities, paving the way for broader adoption of ADAS across Stellantis brand vehicles.

Key Highlights:

  • Stellantis Ventures invests in SteerLight: A strategic move to advance ADAS technologies.
  • Innovative LiDAR Technology: SteerLight’s on-chip LiDAR offers unprecedented sensing precision at a lower cost.
  • Enhanced ADAS Performance: Potential for significant improvements in Stellantis brand vehicles’ automated driving capabilities.
  • Strategic Alignment with Dare Forward 2030: Investment underscores commitment to clean, safe, affordable mobility.
  • Technology Adoption: SteerLight’s LiDAR key to next-generation vehicle services and applications.

SteerLight, leveraging silicon photonics, combines semiconductor materials with the speed of photons to sense the environment in three dimensions. This not only enhances resolution and precision but also reduces production costs, making it a groundbreaking solution for ADAS. “Automated driving enhancements remain a top priority at Stellantis,” stated Ned Curic, Stellantis’ Chief Engineering & Technology Officer, emphasizing the strategic importance of this investment.

François Simoens, co-founder and CEO of SteerLight, expressed optimism about the collaboration with Stellantis, highlighting the potential for widespread LiDAR adoption in industrial and mobility applications. SteerLight’s compact, robust design offers flexibility for vehicle integration, overcoming current LiDAR technology limitations.

Since its establishment in 2022 with an initial fund of €300 million, Stellantis Ventures has supported 12 startups and one mobility fund, focusing on innovative technologies that enhance individual and societal mobility outcomes.

Stellantis N.V. is among the leading global automakers, with a diverse portfolio of iconic brands aiming to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2038. This investment in SteerLight marks a significant step towards fulfilling the ambitious goals outlined in the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, reinforcing Stellantis’ commitment to pioneering mobility solutions.

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