Smart Collaborates with Mobileye for Advanced Automation

Smart, the renowned intelligent all-electric auto brand, has disclosed plans for a special edition vehicle. This unique model will integrate the advanced Mobileye SuperVision™ system, encompassing the Navigation Smart Pilot (NSP) and a myriad of cutting-edge driver-assistance attributes.

Why It Matters

The partnership between Smart and Mobileye signals a significant leap in vehicular automation. This collaboration demonstrates the dedication of both companies to enhance urban mobility, capitalizing on innovative technologies to bolster driving safety and efficiency.

Key Points

  • The special edition EV will feature Smart Pilot Assist 2.0, capable of:
    • Point-to-point automatic navigation on highways and urban expressways.
    • Automated lane changes.
    • Automated on/off-ramp assistance.
    • Intelligent traffic safety measures within specific operational design areas.
  • Mr. Yang Jun, VP of Global Research and Development at Smart Automobile, emphasized Smart’s commitment to advancing urban mobility solutions.
  • The SuperVision™ system incorporates:
    • 11 cameras, inclusive of seven 8-megapixel units.
    • Advanced radar capabilities.
    • Two Mobileye EyeQ5™ system-on-chips, a state-of-the-art 7-nanometer ADAS chipset, leveraging Mobileye’s two decades of expertise in AI and machine learning.
  • Johann Jungwirth, Senior VP of Autonomous Driving at Mobileye, expressed enthusiasm about the collaborative venture with Smart, underlining SuperVision’s alignment with Smart’s vision of future urban mobility.

Bottom Line

Smart’s latest endeavor showcases its international aspirations in the automotive industry. By merging with Mobileye’s SuperVision™ system, Smart joins the ranks of ZEEKR and Polestar in providing SuperVision-based amenities to consumers. Comprehensive information regarding this model is set to be unveiled in the fourth quarter of 2023.


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