Plus Launches Cutting-Edge Autonomy Tech

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Plus Introduces Open Autonomy Platform to significantly advance the deployment of autonomous driving technologies across all levels. The Open Platform for Autonomy (OPA), revealed by Plus, is an innovative, AI-powered, modular software platform. It is designed to support customizable autonomous driving experiences, from advanced safety systems to fully autonomous solutions. OPA offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, aiming to transform the automotive industry by facilitating the adoption of autonomous technologies in vehicles.

Shawn Kerrigan, COO and Co-Founder of Plus, emphasized the platform’s pivotal role: “Plus is the autonomous driving partner of choice for leading global OEMs and Tier 1s because of the underlying flexibility, performance and scalability built into our technology. That’s why the Open Platform for Autonomy is a game-changer for the industry.” He highlighted the platform’s ability to provide manufacturers and Tier 1s with the tools to create tailored products and evolve their automation levels over time.

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Key Features of Plus’s Open Platform for Autonomy:

  • Modular Design: The OPA architecture includes off-board modules, autonomous vehicle functional modules, and vehicle integration modules, offering end-to-end autonomous driving capabilities.
  • Broad Application: From next-gen safety systems to the L2++ PlusDrive® and the driver-out Level 4 SuperDrive™, OPA caters to a wide range of autonomy levels, using Level 4 autonomous driving software as its foundation.
  • Rapid Integration and Continuous Improvement: OPA enables quick integration of automated driving features into vehicles and supports continuous enhancement through over-the-air software updates, aligning with OEMs’ software-defined vehicle strategies.

OPA is already making an impact, with the L2++ PlusDrive® solution being commercially used in the U.S. and tested in Europe. Moreover, the L4 SuperDrive™ is set to bring autonomous trucks to Australia, showcasing the global reach and versatility of Plus’s technology.

For further details on OPA, visit Plus’s website or watch their introductory video. Plus, headquartered in Silicon Valley and operating worldwide, is recognized for its innovative contributions to autonomous driving, partnering with industry leaders like Bosch, Nikola, and others to pioneer next-generation transportation solutions.

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