Ouster and May Mobility Extend Lidar Supply Agreements for Autonomous Vehicle Development

What’s Happening

Ouster, Inc., a distinguished manufacturer of high-performance lidar sensors, and May Mobility, a forerunner in the autonomous vehicle (AV) technology sector, have recently announced the enhancement of their existing supply contracts. The extended agreements entail a concrete commitment to purchase more than a thousand Ouster OS1 and Alpha PrimeTM VLS-128 sensors by 2024, aimed at catering to the rising demand for new autonomous vehicle deployments starting from this year.

Why It Matters

May Mobility is scaling up its operations and technology, and to succeed, it needs partners capable of supplying reliable and high-performance products at scale. Edwin Olson, CEO of May Mobility, noted that their partnership with Ouster, and the recent acquisition of Velodyne, has facilitated access to a proven lidar suite from a single vendor. This allows the company to extend and deploy its expanding fleet more efficiently to a greater number of communities and businesses.

Key Points

Ouster had previously delivered hundreds of sensors to May Mobility for its commercial ventures. The AVs developed by May Mobility incorporate four Ouster OS1 digital lidar sensors for short and mid-range detection and one Alpha PrimeTM sensor for long-range detection, offering surround-view coverage to enhance safety and performance.

May Mobility’s mission is to make transit more sustainable, safe, accessible, and equitable for everyone by developing real-world-compatible AV technology. The company has already facilitated over 320,000 autonomy-enabled rides and recently launched its third-generation autonomous driving system, promising to elevate safety, efficiency, and rider satisfaction on the road to driverless commercial operations.

Bottom Line

Angus Pacala, CEO and Co-Founder at Ouster, expressed his enthusiasm in supplying lidar sensors to May Mobility, enabling comprehensive coverage for their autonomous vehicles. He emphasized that complete situational awareness and reliable detection are crucial for the safe deployment of AVs. The extension of their contract underscores their shared objectives, robust partnership, and the escalating demand for accessible, safe, and environmentally friendly transportation nationwide.


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