OTCQB Welcomes Serve Robotics Stock

Serve Robotics Inc., a pioneer in autonomous sidewalk delivery, has announced its common stock will now be traded on the OTCQB® Venture Market, with the ticker symbol “SBOT”. This significant step reflects the company’s emerging prominence in the robotics and AI industry, supported by strategic alliances with major players such as Uber and NVIDIA. Serve Robotics is dedicated to revolutionizing last-mile delivery through sustainable, AI-powered robots, marking a new era in urban logistics.

Key Highlights:

  • Serve Robotics Inc. trades under ticker “SBOT” on OTCQB.
  • Strategic partnerships bolster Serve’s market presence, including Uber and NVIDIA.
  • Plans to deploy up to 2,000 robots on the Uber Eats platform.
  • Over 50,000 deliveries made in the Los Angeles area.
  • Investments from NVIDIA, Uber, and others in recent financing rounds.
  • Magna International Inc. partnership enhances Serve’s technology reach.

Serve Robotics, leveraging its state-of-the-art AI technology, operates an efficient fleet of delivery robots that have successfully completed over 50,000 commercial deliveries in Los Angeles. The company’s growth is fueled by integrations with Uber Eats and 7-Eleven and investments from tech giants like NVIDIA and Uber. The recent strategic partnership with Magna International Inc. signifies Serve’s commitment to expanding its autonomous mobile robot (AMR) technology globally.

Dr. Ali Kashani, Co-founder and CEO of Serve, highlights the company’s journey to becoming a publicly traded entity as a milestone in the robotics industry, emphasizing the role of strategic partnerships in achieving scalable, sustainable last-mile delivery solutions. “Our entry into the public markets will fuel our plans to roll out up to 2,000 robots on the Uber Eats platform in multiple U.S. markets under our existing agreements,” Kashani stated, underscoring the company’s ambitious growth strategy.

About Serve Robotics Inc.: Established as the robotics division of Postmates in 2017, Serve Robotics aims to deliver a zero-emission robotic delivery experience. Having completed tens of thousands of deliveries in major cities, the company, now independent, continues to draw investment and form significant commercial partnerships. For more information, visit Serve Robotics’ website.

This transition not only marks Serve Robotics’ growth trajectory but also signals a transformative shift in the logistics and delivery sector, driven by sustainable and innovative technologies.

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