MOIA Utilizes Apex.AI’s Expertise to Propel Its Autonomous Future

What’s Happening

On their mission towards a secure, self-driving future, MOIA is tapping into the skills of software creator Apex.AI. They’re harnessing Apex.AI’s operating system to create their unique passenger management system for the autonomous driving ID. Buzz AD. This system, in its final form, will be poised for market readiness. The endeavor gives MOIA an entryway into state-of-the-art technology that facilitates the digitization of many passenger interactions.

Why It Matters

Since 2021, MOIA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have been collaboratively building and assessing an autonomous ride-pooling service in Hamburg. This service is predicted to be publicly accessible post-2025. The proprietary passenger management system, a cornerstone of the autonomous mobility service, manages auxiliary driver activities. This technology is seamlessly integrated into the vehicle, controlling internal safety monitoring, door operations, and auxiliary functions ensuring consistent passenger comfort and safety.

Key Points

MOIA’s CEO, Sascha Meyer, emphasizes the pivotal role of a robust passenger management system in fostering public trust in autonomous ride-pooling services. The company is leveraging Apex.AI’s middleware to develop this system, which is seen as an optimal foundation for a dependable mobility service.

Apex.AI, a US-based company with German origins, specializes in autonomous vehicle operating systems, boasting deep expertise in robotics and artificial intelligence. Jan Becker, CEO of Apex.AI, sees the partnership as mutually beneficial, with their operating system, Apex.Grace and Apex.Ida, providing a solid base for MOIA’s passenger management system. The companies are jointly working to craft the product through agile software teams, contributing to the advancement of smart mobility services, such as autonomous ride pooling.

Bottom Line

The collaboration between MOIA and Apex.AI accelerates MOIA’s software development pace, courtesy of Apex.AI’s agile and iterative software development kit (SDK). This partnership is a stepping stone towards MOIA’s objective of teaming up with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to create Europe’s inaugural type-certified AD-MaaS system. The ultimate aim is to successfully deploy an integrated, scalable autonomous ride-pooling system on Hamburg’s streets after 2025.


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