Mobileye Recognized as Leader in Autonomous Vehicle Tech by Research Groups

What’s Happening: Mobileye has been named the top autonomous vehicle (AV) technology developer by two prominent research groups, Guidehouse Insights and ABI Research. Both groups evaluated numerous tech firms competing in the AV market and ranked Mobileye as the leader in their respective reports.

Why It Matters: Mobileye’s high ranking in both reports is a testament to the company’s advancements in technology, innovation, strategy, and implementation. By appearing as the only company on both lists, Mobileye has solidified its leading position in the AV space.

Key Points:

  • Mobileye climbed six spots in the Guidehouse Leaderboard since the 2021 report, demonstrating its significant progress in recent years.
  • Both research groups emphasized the importance of viable business models for future AV deployment, recognizing Mobileye’s established leading position and strong path to realizing automated driving in various markets.
  • Mobileye’s scalable, deployable AV tech, including its Mobileye SuperVision™, Mobileye Drive™ robotaxi solution, and Mobileye Chauffeur™ consumer AV offering, were highlighted as key advantages in the reports.

Bottom Line: Mobileye’s recognition by two leading research groups demonstrates the company’s continued success in autonomous vehicle technology and indicates a strong future for the firm in both consumer and mobility-as-a-service markets.


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