Mobileye CEO Prof. Amnon Shashua Receives Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement

What’s Happening: The State of Israel’s Ministry of Education has announced that Prof. Amnon Shashua, Mobileye‘s founder, president, and CEO, will be awarded the Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement, the country’s most prestigious civilian honor. The award, in its 70th year, recognizes excellence in arts, culture, business, and sciences, and acknowledges those who have made significant contributions to Israeli society throughout their lives.

Why It Matters: Shashua’s recognition highlights his groundbreaking work in the tech industry, both in Israel and globally. His contributions have significantly impacted automotive safety and applied artificial intelligence. Additionally, his philanthropic efforts demonstrate a commitment to fostering social cohesion across Israel’s diverse communities.

Key Points:

  • Prof. Amnon Shashua is a world-renowned expert in AI, computer vision, natural language processing, and other related fields.
  • He was awarded the 2020 Dan David Prize in the field of artificial intelligence and was chosen as the 2022 Mobility Innovator by the Automotive Hall of Fame.
  • Shashua has founded and actively leads four companies using applied AI in various sectors, including automotive, assisted wearables, fintech, and more: Mobileye, OrCam, AI21 Labs, and “One Zero,” the first digital bank in Israel.
  • Through his foundation, Shashua emphasizes the importance of fostering social cohesion among Israel’s diverse communities.

Bottom Line: Prof. Amnon Shashua’s receipt of the Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement showcases his enduring commitment to innovation and his transformative impact on both the Israeli and global tech landscapes. As a pioneer in artificial intelligence and automotive safety, Shashua’s work has had far-reaching consequences. Additionally, his philanthropic efforts underscore the importance of promoting social cohesion and unity within Israel. The award ceremony, set for April 26, will not only honor Shashua but also celebrate the accomplishments of the other two recipients of this year’s lifetime achievement prizes.


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