Mitsubishi’s Big Move in Autonomous Driving

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) has taken a significant step forward in the autonomous driving sector by making a strategic investment in TIER IV, Inc., a trailblazer in open-source autonomous driving technology. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in efforts to revolutionize regional mobility services through cutting-edge autonomous technology.

Key Highlights:

  • MC’s strategic investment in TIER IV aims to enhance regional transportation.
  • The partnership focuses on transforming regional mobility with autonomous driving.
  • A-Drive’s establishment and its ongoing proof-of-concept tests across Japan.
  • TIER IV leads in developing safe and efficient autonomous driving systems using open source.
  • Both companies aim for the widespread adoption of autonomous driving systems.

MC’s engagement in the “Digital Transformation of Regional Mobility” initiative underscores its commitment to addressing transportation challenges in rural Japan. This initiative, which employs AI-equipped on-demand bus and taxi services, identifies autonomous driving as a key solution. In 2022, MC showcased this commitment through a successful autonomous bus proof-of-concept test at Fukuoka Airport. The establishment of A-Drive Inc. in February 2023 further exemplifies MC’s dedication, offering comprehensive autonomous driving services and addressing the driver shortage for heavy vehicles through practical tests in cities like Kitakyushu and Hiratsuka.

TIER IV, on the other hand, is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of autonomous driving technology. By leveraging Autoware, an open-source platform, TIER IV develops advanced autonomous driving solutions that span both software and hardware. The company’s collaborative approach with global partners accelerates the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles, ultimately benefiting society.

Through this strategic investment, MC and TIER IV not only solidify their collaborative relationship but also reinforce their shared vision for the future of mobility. This partnership represents a significant leap towards the widespread implementation of autonomous driving technologies, promising to transform regional mobility services and pave the way for a more efficient and convenient transportation landscape.

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