LOXO unveils autonomous last-mile delivery vehicle

The founders of tech startup LOXO officially presented LOXO Alpha at the Kursaal in Bern on December 6. The electric delivery vehicle will debut on public roads in a few short months. It will represent the first commercial application of an autonomous vehicle making last-mile deliveries in Switzerland.

The launch appeals to companies seeking to solve enduring problems in the “last-mile delivery” sector. Their low margins, high delivery costs, and driver shortages are exactly the shortcomings that the company solves.

LOXO unveils the new standard in last-mile delivery

The Bern kickoff event attracted e-commerce retailers, logisticians, excited futurists, and interested members of the public sector in an upbeat celebration of green thinking and future-proof innovation.

“LOXO’s launch event demonstrates that autonomous delivery is now becoming a reality,” said company CEO Amin Amini. “We are proud to have taken this step in the most innovative country, Switzerland.”

The start of a revolution

The LOXO transport solution aspires for nothing less than to revolutionize autonomous mobility and e-commerce. It aims to become the standard for delivering online-ordered merchandise to consumers efficiently, reliably and with no CO2 emissions.

If the Bern launch is any indication, the company is off to a very good start.

About – LOXO is providing an intelligent, fully automated goods transport system that solves the increasing problems of the last-mile-delivery on the provider’s and customers’ side: Our technology is enhancing delivery efficiency, flexibility, safety and decreasing the carbon footprint for the benefit of all.


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