Launch Tech UK Unveils Advanced ADAS Calibration Tools for Passenger Cars

What’s Happening: Launch Tech UK, a leader in vehicle diagnostics and garage equipment, has introduced two new advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) calibration tools for passenger cars: ADAS PRO+ and ADAS Mobile. These high-precision tools enable static calibration processes for various ADAS features and come with all necessary target boards.

Why It Matters: As vehicle connectivity innovation leads to enhanced safety and driver assistance features, the demand for calibration equipment is on the rise. Precise calibration is essential after maintenance tasks such as wheel realignment, windscreen repair or replacement, and collision damage repair.

Key Points:

  • ADAS PRO+ is designed for daily ADAS calibration in car workshops and comes with a main frame, wheel clamp, target holder, laser range finder, range indicator, and calibration target. It supports multi-directional fine-tuning and calibrates ADAS systems like lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, around-view monitoring, rear collision warning, blind spot detection, and night-vision systems.
  • ADAS Mobile is a portable calibration tool ideal for workshops and glass repair shops, featuring a five-line laser and fine-tuning switch to help center the device parallel to the vehicle with high precision. Its fully foldable design minimizes transportation risks, accelerates setup, and allows for outdoor mobile calibrations. The special small target design accommodates a wide range of vehicle models, making it convenient to carry and store.

Bottom Line: ADAS technology has already impacted repair procedures and timeframes within the vehicle repair industry, and security advancements necessitate over-the-air connections with vehicle manufacturers or licensed providers for ADAS equipment calibration. Launch Tech UK’s latest products aim to help workshops and vehicle repairers stay ahead of the curve as ADAS technology continues to evolve and demand for advanced calibration solutions grows.


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