Kodiak Revs Up AI for Next-Gen Trucks with Ambarella Tech

Kodiak Robotics, a pioneer in autonomous trucking, is teaming up with Ambarella, a leader in edge AI semiconductors, to supercharge its next-generation vehicles. Kodiak has chosen Ambarella’s CV3-AD685 AI domain controller SoC as the brains behind its autonomous driving system, the Kodiak Driver. This cutting-edge chip promises higher efficiency, performance, and reliability, paving the way for safer and smoother long-haul trucking.

Building on their existing partnership, Kodiak has already put Ambarella’s CV2 AI perception SoC to the test, racking up over 300,000 miles and delivering 875 loads. This collaboration proved the Kodiak Driver’s resilience in tough conditions, ensuring safe and timely deliveries even through rain, fog, and darkness.

The CV3-AD685 takes things to the next level. This 5nm SoC, meticulously designed with Ambarella’s “algorithm first” philosophy, tackles AI tasks with exceptional efficiency while keeping the hardware compact and robust. This translates to lower costs, smaller size, and better performance, ideal for Kodiak’s modular autonomous truck platform.

“The CV3-AD685 elevates the Kodiak Driver,” said Don Burnette, Kodiak’s Founder and CEO. “By turning sensor data into actionable insights faster, with less power, and greater reliability, this chip paves the way for an even safer and more efficient future of autonomous trucking.”

Fermi Wang, President and CEO of Ambarella, echoes the enthusiasm: “We’re thrilled to continue powering Kodiak’s journey towards autonomous trucking leadership. The CV3-AD685 sets a new bar for AI-driven autonomous vehicles, pushing boundaries in safety, efficiency, and innovation.”

The CV3-AD685 boasts a formidable combination of features:

  • Highly efficient AI processing: A 20x faster neural vector processor than the previous generation CV2 SoC fuels lightning-fast decision-making.
  • Advanced image signal processing: Ensures exceptional clarity and accuracy in all lighting conditions, from bright sunshine to moonlit highways.
  • Ultra-low power consumption: Maximizes battery life and keeps operating costs down.

With this robust partnership and cutting-edge technology, Kodiak and Ambarella are poised to reshape the trucking industry, driving the future of autonomous freight with increased safety, performance, and efficiency.


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