Kneron Acquires OTUS to Strengthen Edge AI and Automotive Imaging Solutions

What’s Happening: Kneron, a leading full-stack edge AI company, has announced the acquisition of OTUS, a camera and imaging solutions provider and subsidiary of VIVOTEK (a Delta Group company). OTUS specializes in applications for automotive, virtual reality, and other panoramic scenarios. The two companies have worked together in the past to commercialize several automotive applications.

Why It Matters: OTUS has seen substantial business expansion and strong customer retention in recent years due to the high growth trajectory of the automotive market. Their solutions include Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), with features such as road object detection and driver behavior monitoring. The majority of OTUS’s global customers come from the US and Japanese markets, with their imaging solutions being preferred by multiple renowned Japanese vehicle makers.

Key Points:

  • The acquisition will allow Kneron to integrate its edge AI capabilities with OTUS’s advanced imaging solutions, creating more comprehensive product lines for automotive customers.
  • OTUS CEO Alex Chiu believes that the integration of Kneron’s edge AI with OTUS’s superior imaging capabilities will help better serve their automotive customers, as they increasingly demand AI-integrated camera functions.
  • Prior to the acquisition, Kneron and OTUS had already collaborated on full-stack solutions integrating both hardware and software for ADAS and DMS functions targeted at automotive clients.

Bottom Line: The acquisition of OTUS will enable Kneron to expand its edge AI applications across larger global markets, thanks to OTUS’s strong imaging technology and industry channels. According to Kneron founder and CEO Albert Liu, OTUS has been an invaluable partner in gaining access to tier 1 Japanese automotive customers, and this acquisition will help the two companies continue their collaborative efforts to push the boundaries of AI applications in the automotive industry.


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