Innovative Driving Aid: Imagry’s Overwatch

At CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Imagry, a leader in mapless autonomous driving technology, made headlines with their latest innovation – Safe Driver Overwatch™. This pioneering autonomous feature is designed as a co-pilot for less experienced or slower-reacting drivers, such as the youth and elderly. Boldly addressing a crucial safety concern, Imagry’s system moderates speed, recognizes traffic cues, and extends its protective capabilities beyond the vehicle by anticipating pedestrian movements.

CEO Eran Ofir expressed the essence of this breakthrough: “Safe Driver Overwatch is not just a feature; it’s a guardian angel for drivers.” This advanced system aims to bolster safety through responsible and rule-abiding driving behavior, especially for those new to driving or affected by age, fatigue, or distraction.

Addressing Teen and Elderly Driver Safety

Safe Driver Overwatch emerges at a critical time. With youthful drivers grappling with limited experience and a developing judgment center, and older drivers dealing with slowed reflexes, this solution seems timely and much needed. Data from the National Sleep Foundation highlights the disturbing frequency of drowsy driving among teens, pointing to a glaring need for such innovative solutions.

Key Features of Safe Driver Overwatch:

  • Speed Limit Adherence: This feature ensures the vehicle doesn’t exceed the posted speed limit, aligning with traffic regulations and the “Basic Speed Law.”
  • Intelligent Traffic Signal and Sign Response: It proactively responds to traffic signals and signs, enhancing safety and compliance.
  • Pedestrian Safety Focus: The system prioritizes pedestrian safety, adjusting vehicle movement in response to pedestrian actions, even in unpredictable situations.

Imagry’s Vision for Safer Roads

Imagry’s journey spans over six years in automotive applications, during which they’ve developed a robust, mapless autonomous driving software. This bio-inspired technology fuses real-time vision-based perception with imitation-learning AI. Without relying on external digital mapping, it uses cost-effective sensors, making it both economical and scalable. Already selected by top-tier automotive manufacturers and for public buses in various locations, Imagry is steadfast in its mission to create a safer, more secure driving environment, contributing significantly to the dynamic world of autonomous driving.


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