Continental, Imagry to Develop Autonomous Parking Solutions

What’s Happening

Global autonomous driving software solutions developer, Imagry, announced a new partnership with Continental, the leading manufacturer of automotive systems. As part of the collaboration, Continental will incorporate Imagry’s groundbreaking technology into its Autonomous Driving (AD) platform for passenger vehicles. The initial feature introduced will be autonomous parking, a system enabling vehicles to navigate a parking lot, locate a suitable parking spot, and park themselves without any driver interaction.

Why It Matters

This integration embodies the ongoing shift in the automotive industry towards software-defined vehicles. As more automobile manufacturers move from a hardware-focused design to software-centric electronic devices, these partnerships become increasingly crucial. They allow for the implementation of features like autonomous valet parking across a range of vehicles. Moreover, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) gain the ability to deploy software features even post-production through Over-the-air (OTA) updates, reflecting the versatility of this evolving platform.

Key Points

Imagry’s unique approach leverages cutting-edge AI technology and deep neural networks to capture real-time video feed and make immediate, complex driving decisions based on current conditions. Their software operates without reliance on pre-learned geographic areas, hence termed as ‘mapless.’ Over the past three years, Imagry has successfully operated vehicles equipped with its software on public roads in various countries, including the United States, Germany, and Israel.

The autonomous parking system uses Imagry’s motion planning technology, a deep neural network that learns to drive by imitating human behavior. It draws from this learned behavior to navigate new roads independently and makes real-time data-driven decisions based on the current surroundings. However, the driver needs to stay in the vehicle during the first phase of autonomous valet parking, deciding when and if to engage the autonomous parking feature.

Bottom Line

According to Eran Ofir, CEO at Imagry, autonomous parking is merely the first step towards achieving full autonomous driving capabilities. “The capabilities of our mapless system extend easily to the open road, enabling the vehicle to operate freely in geographic areas which were previously unknown to it,” Ofir explained. This collaboration sets the foundation for L3 autonomous driving in passenger cars, thus bringing the future of autonomous driving significantly closer. The partnership is expected to offer a range of exciting possibilities to Continental’s OEM customers.


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