IAC Announces Partnership with the Milan Monza Motor Show to Advance IAC Autonomous Racecars to Road Course Competition

IAC will run on the famed Monza F1 Circuit to push new boundaries in 2023 and beyond

LAS VEGAS – The Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) announced that it will partner with the Milan Monza Motor Show (MIMO) to advance its autonomous racecars to road course competition in 2023 and beyond. Taking its technical feats to the next level, the IAC will run on the famed Monza F1 Circuit, the oldest racing circuit in Europe, to push new boundaries.

“MIMO is the perfect partner to make the transition from ovals to road courses happen,” said Paul Mitchell, president, IAC. “This two-year partnership between IAC and MIMO will allow us to showcase our racecars in exhibition runs in June 2023 as our teams and their AI drivers learn to run on road courses, and then in June 2024 we will return and host our first proper road course racing competition at Monza the Temple of Speed.”

“Indy Autonomous Challenge within MIMO perfectly embodies the spirit of an edition that will be totally dynamic,” said Andrea Levy, president, MIMO Motor Show. “MIMO 2023 promotes the knowledge and diffusion of new technologies in all areas of research. The Formula 1 circuit and the old banked ones that we will use for test drives will be the stage for a special Formula Indy race, with self-driving single-seaters, engaged for the first time in a technical circuit with curves and chicanes. Monza will be the venue for an incredible challenge between the best universities and research centers from all over the world.”

In addition to advancing to road competition, the IAC announced plans to transform its current Dallara AV-21 racecar into an improved AV-23. Its roster of Member Sponsors: AWS, Bridgestone, Cisco, Continental, and Luminar, together with other IAC Technology Sponsors including dSPACE and VectorNav will help transform the current racecar into an improved Dallara AV-23 with advanced automation hardware and software, improved system integration, and packaging that is more durable and easier to maintain.

The completion of the AV-23 transformation will be done before the end of 2023 but will be done in phases to allow for testing and validation of new and/or updated systems. The transformation has already started with a new central computer from dSPACE and new GPS systems from VectorNav. Other technology that will be enhanced with the AV-23 includes:

  • New radar systems from Continental
  • Updated Lidar systems from Luminar
  • Enhanced communications and networking solutions from Cisco
  • Cloud computing and data analytics from AWS
  • Advanced racing tires capable of both oval and road course performance from Bridgestone
  • On-board supercomputer from dSPACE
  • GPS/GNSS connectivity from VectorNav
  • Aero kit and other vehicle system modifications from Dallara

The IAC is about inspiring entrepreneurship and empowering the next generation of brilliant minds to lead the industry. To continue to attract additional talent, the IAC will re-launch its SIM races on the AWS Cloud. This highly accurate simulation environment is key for university teams to exponentially innovate, test AI algorithms in a controlled environment, navigate safely, and increase chances for success should they eventually progress to on-track competitions.

The IAC will partner with AWS for its cloud computing to reach teams around the world who are looking for ways to test their autonomous software and develop their own AI drivers who can compete in SIM race events sanctioned and organized by IAC.


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