How Simulytic is Using Simulation to Analyse the Impact & Safety of Autonomous Driving

Simulytic, is a newly launched in-house start-up run by Germany’s Siemens. It is focused on accelerating autonomous mobility deployment at scale. It uses simulation to create insight into the impact and safety of autonomous driving

It supports customers, such as insurance companies, by helping them understand the risk potentials from increasingly automated road traffic so they can develop the right products and create effective business strategies for a future with autonomous vehicles.

Simulytic is headed by Andrea Kollmorgen.


The Simulytic simulation platform analyzes the safety and impact of autonomous vehicles, providing location risk profiles and AV driving behavior insights

Capturing the specifics of the AV deployment area in order to generate all relevant scenarios autonomous vehicles will encounter and safely ‘drive’ the AV through millions of simulation runs, generating rich data sets that are the input for location risk and AV driver risk analysis

Simulytic translates big simulation data outputs into tailored insurance insights, such as frequency and severity of collision, at individual vehicle and fleet level to drastically reduce the levels of uncertainty when insuring autonomous vehicles, throughout their operational lifetime:
from the moment of deployment and subsequently with every software update and deployment location change


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