Horizon Robotics and NETA Auto Reinforce Strategic Partnership to Advance ADAS in China

What’s Happening

Horizon Robotics, a key innovator in energy-efficient computing solutions for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in consumer vehicles, is set to expand its strategic cooperation with NETA Auto, a notable electric vehicle brand owned by Hozon New Energy Automobile. The enhanced partnership aims to propel NETA Auto’s development of its proprietary BEV (Bird’s Eye View) perception solution, leveraging the power of Horizon Robotics’ third-generation computing solution, Journey 5.

Why It Matters

This upgraded driver’s assistance system promises to revolutionize the driving experience for consumers in China, paving the way for its inclusion in a range of NETA Auto models. The first mass-produced model featuring this innovation is expected to hit the roads in 2024. The partnership’s commitment to enhancing consumer value and driving safety and convenience underscores the potential for a long-lasting collaboration to explore the future of mobility.

Key Points

In addition to the new developments, the ongoing collaboration between Horizon and NETA Auto using the Journey 3 computing solution will continue to be incorporated in more NETA models, including the recently unveiled NETA GT. This electric sports car, which premiered at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, is equipped with Level 2 assisted driving functions and targets the young Chinese driver demographic.

The NETA GT fuses high-performance with advanced driving assistance to provide a safer, more relaxed driving experience. Horizon and NETA Auto’s collaborative history dates back to September 2021 when they announced a comprehensive strategic cooperation. This culminated in the launch of the first model equipped with Horizon’s Journey 3 computing solution, NETA U-II, in 2022. The model, boasting over 22 driver assistance features such as Lane Keeping Assist, Highway Assist, and Automated Parking Assist, has received substantial positive feedback from Chinese consumers.

Bottom Line

Horizon Robotics and NETA Auto are committed to continuing their collaborative efforts to make high-quality smart vehicles more accessible, thereby redefining the relationship between people and their vehicles. The shared vision of both companies is to establish a “third living space” for consumers in China, creating an enjoyable mobility life beyond home and office. This partnership, coupled with their history of successful cooperation and consumer-focused innovations, makes them a formidable force in the evolving automotive landscape.


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