Horizon Robotics and BYD to Mass Produce BEV Perception Solution

What’s Happening: Horizon Robotics, an energy-efficient computing solutions provider for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and BYD, a leading new energy vehicle manufacturer, announced their plans to mass-produce BYD’s proprietary Bird’s Eye View (BEV) perception solution powered by Horizon Robotics’ Journey 5 computing solution. The announcement was made during the Shanghai Auto Show, highlighting a significant milestone in the collaboration between the two companies.

Why It Matters: The collaboration between the two companies aims to revolutionize the driving experience for consumers in China. The BEV perception solution is a key advancement in their strategic partnership, and its mass production will help make driving safer and more enjoyable for Chinese consumers.

Key Points:

  • Horizon Robotics and BYD have been working together since 2021, with multiple models featuring Horizon’s Journey series computing solutions entering mass production.
  • Horizon Robotics’ Journey 5 computing solution will power BYD’s BEV perception solution, enhancing vehicle safety and the overall driving experience.
  • Both companies are dedicated to driving the mobility transformation of China’s automobile industry.

Bottom Line: Horizon Robotics and BYD’s joint efforts in mass-producing the BEV perception solution powered by Journey 5 will bring the benefits of transportation evolution to more consumers in China. Their shared mission of making people’s lives safer and better aligns with their commitment to providing innovative technology and diversified products that improve “mobility life” in China.


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