HOLON Investment: Mobility’s Future Secured

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BENTELER‘s subsidiary HOLON is on the brink of securing a multi-million-dollar investment from TASARU Mobility Investments, a move set to revolutionize the autonomous vehicle industry. This investment is aimed at acquiring a minority stake, promising a significant leap towards the series development and industrialization of the fully electric, autonomous HOLON Mover.

TASARU, a Saudi Arabian firm with a focus on automotive advancements, plans to invest a nine-digit sum, marking a strategic partnership that underscores the global confidence in HOLON’s innovative approach. The agreement between the two companies anticipates TASARU obtaining up to 38% of HOLON, with the deal unfolding in stages, the first expected by April, pending regulatory approval.

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The injection of funds from TASARU is designated for the advancement of the HOLON Mover, setting the stage for the establishment of three strategic production sites across Europe, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. This expansion is pivotal for positioning the HOLON Mover on the global market, indicating a significant stride towards sustainable mobility solutions.

Ralf Göttel, CEO of BENTELER Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting it as a critical milestone following the mover’s successful debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This collaboration with TASARU is seen as a testament to HOLON’s potential in transforming the automotive landscape towards safer and more sustainable mobility.

The HOLON Mover, celebrated for its fully electric and autonomous design, is poised to redefine public transportation. Engineered to automotive standards, it promises unparalleled safety, comfort, and production quality, catering up to 15 passengers, and is envisioned for on-demand and scheduled services alike.

Michael Mueller, CEO of TASARU, aligned the partnership with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, emphasizing the Mover’s role in propelling the Kingdom into a leader in autonomous mobility innovation. Henning von Watzdorf, CEO of HOLON, detailed the roadmap towards commercialization, with prototype development and test drives slated for 2024, aiming for pilot project implementations by 2025.

The HOLON Mover’s design, inclusive of an automated ramp and support for passengers with disabilities, reflects a forward-thinking approach to mobility. Collaborations with Pininfarina for design and Intel’s Mobileye for autonomous technology further underscore its pioneering status. Notably, Hamburg, Germany, is set to host one of the first pilot projects, supported by a €26 million fund from the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport.

About BENTELER and HOLON: BENTELER, a global presence in automotive technology, energy, and mechanical engineering, boasts a robust portfolio in safety-related products and services. HOLON, as a BENTELER subsidiary, leverages deep automotive and industrialization expertise to develop autonomous movers, symbolizing a future where mobility is safe, inclusive, and sustainable.

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