Hesai Unveils Advanced ATX Lidar

Hesai Technology, a global leader in lidar solutions, has introduced its latest innovation, the ATX Lidar. This new model features an ultra-wide field of view and long-range detection capabilities, designed primarily for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) in series production vehicles. Utilizing Hesai’s sophisticated 4th-generation technology, the ATX Lidar is set to enhance the safety and efficiency of intelligent vehicles through superior 3D perception.

Key Highlights

  • Extended Detection Range: Capable of identifying objects up to 300 meters away.
  • Broad Field of View: Achieves a 140° horizontal FOV, enhancing visibility in complex traffic environments.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Measures only 25 mm in height, with a weight reduction of nearly 50% compared to previous models.
  • Low Power Consumption: Operates on just 8 watts, facilitating easier integration into various vehicle locations.
  • Enhanced Environmental Perception: Equipped to recognize and filter out rain, fog, exhaust fumes, and other interferences with over 99% accuracy.

David Li, CEO of Hesai Technology, expressed his enthusiasm for the new product: “We are very excited to debut the ATX and are confident it will have a great impact on adoption of lidar given its versatility.” He emphasized the role of ATX in ensuring safety as a standard feature in intelligent vehicles.

The ATX Lidar incorporates proven transceiver architecture from Hesai’s existing AT series, improving module integration and simplifying the optical scanning framework. This innovation not only maintains its compact size but also supports flexible integration into different vehicle positions such as the roof, behind the windshield, or in the front headlights.

Hesai has already seen significant interest from global OEMs, with large-scale production expected to commence in early 2025. This rollout will allow consumers worldwide to benefit from more advanced and safer driving technologies.

About Hesai Technology

Hesai Technology is renowned for its comprehensive range of LiDAR products that cater to a variety of civilian and industrial applications. With a robust in-house manufacturing and R&D setup, Hesai maintains high standards of performance and affordability in its products. The company operates globally, with offices in Shanghai, Palo Alto, and Stuttgart, serving clients across over 40 countries.

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