Hesai Lidar Powers Li Auto’s Flagship

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Li Auto Inc., a front-runner in China’s burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) market, has unveiled its pioneering high-voltage battery electric vehicle, Li MEGA. This marks a significant milestone as the company integrates Hesai Technology‘s state-of-the-art LiDAR AT128 into its flagship multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), setting new standards for intelligent driving capabilities. The inclusion of this ultra-high-definition long-range LiDAR underscores a major leap forward in autonomous driving technologies, promising unparalleled safety and efficiency on the road.

Key Highlights:

  • Li MEGA equipped with Hesai Technology’s AT128 LiDAR for enhanced autonomous driving features.
  • L8 and L7 Pro models to feature Hesai LiDAR as standard, including an urban Navigation on AutoPilot function.
  • Commitment to safety and innovation underscored by partnerships and technological advancements.
  • Hesai Technology recognized for its global leadership in LiDAR solutions, driving forward vehicle innovation and road safety.

Professional Tone and Insightful Analysis

With an eye on redefining the MPV market, Li Auto‘s collaboration with Hesai Technology brings into focus the companies’ shared vision for a future dominated by intelligent, autonomous vehicles. The integration of Hesai’s AT128 LiDAR across Li Auto’s L series, including the L8 and L7 Pro models, as a standard configuration emphasizes a significant shift towards prioritizing advanced safety features and intelligent driving systems. These models will benefit from an urban Navigation on AutoPilot function, enhancing the driving experience with a layer of comfort and convenience previously unseen in the electric vehicle industry.

A spokesperson for Li Auto highlighted the importance of safety in their product development, stating, “When it comes to safety, only the best is good enough.” This sentiment echoes through the partnership with Hesai, where the mutual goal is to pioneer technologies that not only advance vehicle innovation but also ensure the utmost safety for all road users.

Hesai’s global presence and commitment to safety are evident in their approach to LiDAR technology. The company, with offices in Shanghai, Palo Alto, and Stuttgart, serves customers in over 40 countries, showcasing its role as a pivotal player in the ADAS and autonomous driving sectors. Through its comprehensive R&D and in-house manufacturing capabilities, Hesai remains at the forefront of LiDAR solutions, constantly pushing the envelope in vehicle safety and performance.

Bottom Line

The partnership between Li Auto and Hesai Technology marks a significant step forward in the evolution of intelligent driving systems and autonomous vehicles. By harnessing the power of advanced LiDAR technology, these companies are not only enhancing the safety and performance of their vehicles but are also shaping the future of transportation. As this collaboration continues to bear fruit, the automotive industry watches closely, anticipating the next breakthrough in autonomous driving technology.

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