Hesai Leads in Lidar Security with ISO/SAE 21434 Certification

What’s Happening

Hesai, a global leader in lidar solutions, has become the first company in its sector to receive the ISO/SAE 21434 automotive cybersecurity management certification. The certification, granted by TÜV Rheinland, an esteemed third-party testing and certification body in Germany, attests to Hesai’s exceptional system construction and automotive-grade security protection capabilities. This achievement underscores Hesai’s remarkable position in the cybersecurity arena.

Why It Matters

As the automotive industry evolves, information security has become a significant hurdle. The progression of intelligent driving has rendered vehicle internal systems more intricate, involving more interactions with human operators, road conditions, other vehicles, and cloud-based information. As vehicles increasingly serve as data repositories and exchange hubs, the risk of cyberattacks – capable of resulting in personal information leaks and property loss – escalates. Consequently, the cybersecurity of automotive components is of paramount importance.

Key Points

The ISO/SAE 21434 standard, collaboratively developed by ISO and SAE, is a comprehensive automotive cybersecurity management guide. It spans the entire product lifecycle, from conception to scrapping, facilitating Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers in assessing and managing cybersecurity risks of road vehicles, ensuring compliance with global regulatory requirements.

In light of this, Hesai has demonstrated a substantial commitment to cybersecurity systems development. The company has organized a dedicated cybersecurity team and crafted an extensive cybersecurity management strategy. It meticulously adheres to international and domestic standards, including ISO 26262 and ISO/SAE 21434, throughout its entire product development process. The core technologies employed by Hesai, such as data signature, encryption, and client authentication, secure the safe initiation, upgrade, operation, and storage of lidar, thwarting potential hacker interference or counterfeit production. Hesai also continually enhances its security vulnerability databases, strengthening its defense against cybersecurity threats.

Bottom Line

Hesai’s achievement aligns with its impressive history of international certification acquisitions in functional safety, network security, information security, and ASPICE. This ongoing commitment to building an all-encompassing security system is crucial for the mass production and delivery of lidar products. Hesai is dedicated to enhancing its security management systems, supplying reliable, high-quality products to global customers, and fostering cybersecurity awareness to drive the future growth of intelligent driving.


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