HELLA Academy’s ADAS Training Debut

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HELLA has officially unveiled its HELLA Academy, a new training facility endorsed by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), located in Chipping Warden, Banbury. This announcement marks the launch of a cutting-edge educational program focusing initially on Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) courses. The academy aims to address the growing demand for skilled technicians capable of working with increasingly sophisticated vehicle technologies.

The facility boasts a modern classroom and a state-of-the-art workshop, designed to seamlessly integrate theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on experience. At the heart of the academy’s offerings are two IMI accredited courses: the ADAS IMI AOM 230 and the ADAS L2 Award. Each course spans two days and is priced at £500 + VAT. These programs equip technicians with the necessary approvals to work on ADAS-equipped vehicles, covering essentials like calibration, vehicle alignment, and workshop requirements.

HELLA Academy's ADAS Training Debut

Steve Fox, HELLA Academy’s Training Manager, highlighted the importance of their initiative: “Leveraging our extensive expertise as an original equipment manufacturer, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver ADAS training.” Fox emphasizes the comprehensive nature of their educational offerings, from parts supply to diagnostic tools and technical support provided through HELLA Gutmann.

ADAS technology, which includes ultrasonic, radar, and camera systems, plays a crucial role in enhancing vehicle safety by monitoring surroundings, providing warnings, and automating driving functions. The IMI forecasts that by 2030, 44% of UK cars will be equipped with ADAS, necessitating over 106,000 qualified technicians. However, a current shortfall in qualified professionals is anticipated, with an estimated gap of 51,000 technicians.

To combat this skills shortage, HELLA Academy is positioned as a key player. “We’re helping to plug the skills gap,” Fox asserts, noting the significant impact of Level 2 autonomy vehicles on the automotive service industry.

Insurance Industry Requirements (IIR) mandate that technicians consider ADAS inspection, realignment, and calibration following any service that could affect the system’s functionality or the vehicle’s geometry. HELLA Gutmann’s CSC-Tool Digital offers a solution for calibration needs, featuring an integrated 200cm screen for displaying calibration targets—a first in ADAS calibration technology.

Julian Goulding, Head of Sales at Hella Gutmann, explains how their diagnostic tools support ADAS calibrations, providing detailed documentation for security and offering remote calibration options.

The introduction of HELLA Academy follows the recent launch of HELLA’s Customer Experience Centre, further expanding its range of product and service solutions in the UK aftermarket. Training opportunities for the ADAS IMI AOM 230 and ADAS L2 Award will soon be available, with plans to extend the curriculum in the near future.

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