Halo.Car Can Now Deliver Your EV Without a Driver

Halo.Car, a leading provider of on-demand electric vehicles, pioneers the era of driverless delivery by launching remote-piloted EVs without a safety driver in Las Vegas. Experience the future of transportation.

What’s Happening

Halo.Car, a foremost supplier of on-demand electric vehicles (EVs), has unveiled its trailblazing initiative of driverless vehicle delivery to the public, a global first. This launch succeeds four years of exhaustive testing with safety drivers on-board. Moving forward, users in Las Vegas can schedule a Halo.Car to be delivered to their location without the presence of a safety driver in the vehicle.

Why It Matters

The initiative is a significant step towards the company’s goal of achieving ubiquitous on-demand car sharing, ultimately discouraging car ownership or the use of ride-hailing services. The removal of safety drivers stands as a crucial component for realizing the economic viability of this vision. The commercial launch of driverless delivery not only sets a landmark for Halo.Car, but it also signifies a breakthrough in the broader transportation sector.

Key Points

Halo.Car’s unique system involves retrofitting its fleet of electric vehicles with custom-made components such as cameras, antennas, and modems. This setup allows trained ‘remote pilots’ at the Halo.Car operations center to use video and sensor data for remotely driving the vehicle. The vehicles are piloted over T-Mobile 5G, with AT&T and Verizon providing additional stability.

Further underpinning the successful driverless rollout is the company’s patent-pending Anomaly Detection System. This system halts the vehicle in case of any connectivity issues during remote operations. To ensure the safety of pedestrians and road users, a second vehicle will initially trail the driverless-piloted vehicles, monitoring their health and providing backup support.

Bottom Line

This shift to driverless deliveries represents a significant advancement for Halo.Car, attesting that their innovative remote-piloting technology is commercially viable and ready for upscaling. In the coming months, the company plans to extend its service across various areas of Las Vegas and introduce hundreds of vehicles before expanding to other cities in 2024. This progress aligns with Halo.Car’s mission to democratize mobility and lead the new era of efficient EV transportation.


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