GM and Cruise Showcase Rapid Progress in Autonomous Vehicle Deployment

What’s Happening: General Motors and Cruise highlighted their advancements in autonomous vehicles (AVs) and hands-free driving technology at SXSW in Austin. They discussed the ongoing expansion of operations in San Francisco, Austin, and Phoenix, as well as the rapid scaling of services in new markets.

Why It Matters: The successful deployment of AVs and hands-free driving systems has the potential to transform transportation by providing more safety, accessibility, and efficiency for consumers. These technologies can offer valuable time savings for users and enhance mobility for those unable to drive or own a vehicle.

Key Points:

  • In just over a year, Cruise has logged more than a million driverless miles and opened paid ride-hailing services to the public.
  • Collaboration between GM and Cruise has accelerated the development and deployment of self-driving vehicles.
  • GM introduced Super Cruise in 2017 as the first hands-free advanced driver assistance system with a driver attention feature. It now covers more than 400,000 miles of mapped highways in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Last week, GM unveiled Ultra Cruise, a next-gen hands-free driver assistance system featuring LiDAR, radar, and cameras, set to debut on the Cadillac CELESTIQ.

Bottom Line: General Motors and Cruise are making significant strides in the autonomous vehicle industry, with a focus on safety and rapid deployment. Their progress demonstrates that self-driving vehicles are no longer a distant concept, but a reality operating on real roads today.

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