Gatik CTO Arjun Narang Wins Prestigious Award

Automotive News has bestowed the 2023 Rising Star honor upon Arjun Narang, the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Gatik. This esteemed award is given to forward-thinking and influential figures in the automotive domain who have made impactful, game-changing contributions.

Why It Matters

Arjun Narang’s groundbreaking work in robotics and autonomous vehicles has been recognized because of his pivotal role in advancing and commercializing Gatik’s premier autonomous driving technology. This technology has greatly optimized the supply chain for some of North America’s premier grocers, e-commerce platforms, retailers, and distributors.

Key Points

  • In the past year, under Narang’s guidance, Gatik has seen a surge of accomplishments:
    • Formed a business alliance with Kroger, the largest grocer in America, utilizing Gatik’s autonomous trucks to transport fresh goods in Dallas, Texas.
    • Entered a strategic long-term partnership with Tyson Foods for deploying autonomous refrigerated box trucks to improve supply chain efficiency in Northwest Arkansas.
    • Boosted its commercial collaborations with over 10 Fortune 500 firms, including Walmart, Pitney Bowes, and Loblaw.
  • As Gatik’s CTO, Narang is spearheading the incorporation of Gatik’s distinctive autonomous driving tech with globally renowned OEMs and technical partners, like Isuzu and Goodyear.
  • Narang’s extensive background in robotics and AVs spans more than ten years, having made significant strides in perception, multi-task learning, and more. Before Gatik’s inception in 2017, he conducted notable research at institutions like Carnegie Mellon University and Carnegie Robotics.
  • Gatik’s commitment to structured autonomy has allowed it to maintain a flawless safety record across all its North American sites. Notably, in 2021, under Narang’s technical leadership, Gatik was the first to execute a driverless commercial delivery route on the middle mile with Walmart.

Bottom Line

Arjun Narang’s recognition as a 2023 Rising Star emphasizes the transformative technology Gatik brings to the logistics landscape. With Narang’s visionary leadership driving its momentum, the company continues redefining the autonomous transportation sector, ensuring safer, efficient B2B short-haul logistics.


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