ECARX Unveils Breakthrough ADAS Technology

ECARX Holdings Inc., a leader in mobility technology, has launched the ECARX Skyland Pro, a new line of products bolstered by Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This innovative platform marks a significant advancement in vehicle autonomy support, enhancing driver assistance capabilities.

Why It Matters

The introduction of ECARX Skyland Pro is a pivotal moment in the automotive industry. It not only signifies ECARX’s commitment to pioneering in the field of autonomous driving technology but also sets a new standard for global car manufacturers in terms of performance, safety, and technological sophistication.

Key Points

  • Advanced Dual SoC Architecture: The ECARX Skyland Pro, powered by dual Black Sesame Huashan-2 A1000 SoCs, delivers a remarkable 116 TOPS computing power.
  • Comprehensive ADAS Features: This platform integrates cutting-edge functionalities like automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and blind spot detection, all scoring high in China’s C-NCAP tests.
  • Continuous Updates & Versatility: Offering over-the-air updates, the system supports various scenario-based solutions like urban navigate-on-autopilot and home-zone park assist.
  • Safety and Compliance: By integrating BlackBerry’s QNX and AUTOSAR platforms, the ECARX Skyland Pro meets rigorous global OEM and regulatory safety standards.
  • Research and Development Support: The company’s end-to-end testing and validation methodology accelerates R&D cycles for partners, ensuring reliability and risk mitigation.

Bottom Line

ECARX’s Skyland Pro is setting a new benchmark in the automotive industry. It’s not just an innovation in ADAS technology; it’s a leap towards a future where vehicles are more autonomous, safer, and more efficient. With its robust performance, comprehensive safety features, and continuous upgradability, the ECARX Skyland Pro positions itself as a key player in transforming automotive experiences worldwide.


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