ECARX Launches Advanced Driving Platform

ECARX Holdings Inc., a leading mobility technology provider, has unveiled its latest Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) products, spearheaded by the ECARX Skyland Pro. This platform is designed to aid drivers as vehicles become more autonomous.

With the commencement of mass production, the company has achieved a significant company milestone. The ECARX Skyland Pro stands out with its dual system-on-chip (SoC) architecture, offering outstanding performance complemented by an intricate safety system.

The Skyland Pro is powered by two Black Sesame Huashan-2 A1000 automotive-grade SoCs, boasting a total computing power of 116 tera operations per second (TOPS) at 8-bit integer (INT8). This allows for L2+ advanced driving and parking capabilities.

The platform also supports cutting-edge bird’s-eye view (BEV) perception algorithms and a 5R10V sensor configuration, which are further enhanced by over-the-air updates. These updates facilitate features such as urban navigate-on-autopilot (NoA) capability and home-zone park assist (HPA). A follow-up product, the ECARX Skyland, will provide a single SoC solution tailored for L2+ ADAS scenarios.

Key Points

  • Introduction of the ECARX Skyland Pro with dual SoC architecture for advanced driving and parking.
  • Includes features like urban navigate-on-autopilot (NoA) and home-zone park assist (HPA).
  • Upcoming launch of ECARX Skyland, offering a single SoC solution for diverse OEM needs.

Bottom Line

The initiation of ECARX Skyland Pro and ECARX Antora 1000 Pro’s mass production underscores it’s dedication to furnishing a complete range of automotive intelligence solutions. These solutions blend remarkable performance with heightened security. The ECARX Skyland series empowers car manufacturers to seamlessly incorporate state-of-the-art ADAS capabilities, aiming to provide a wider audience with safe and efficient driving experiences.


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