Driving Into the Future: driveblocks Secures €2.2M Funding

Munich-based start-up, driveblocks, has secured a €2.2 million seed funding to advance its innovative Mapless Autonomy Platform for fully autonomous commercial vehicles.

Why It Matters

driveblocks stands out in the world of autonomous driving with its unique approach. Instead of relying on potentially outdated maps, their technology focuses on perception—sensor-based recognition of the surroundings. This makes it notably safer, as it’s based on the cutting-edge Transformer Neural Networks, which have also been instrumental in significant advancements in Large Language Models (LLMs).

Key Points

  • driveblocks’ platform includes features like raw data processing, real-time environmental detection, and sensor data fusion.
  • It caters to Tier-1 suppliers and OEMs aiming for autonomous driving on private and public roads.
  • Addressing a stark truck driver shortage in Europe, driveblocks offers a cost-effective solution.
  • Partnerships have been formed with major Tier 1 in Germany, TIER IV, Apex.AI, and Schaeffler ByWire.
  • Founded after winning the US$1 million Indy Autonomous Challenge in 2021 by Dr. Stephan Matz, Dr. Alexander Wischnewski, and other experts in the autonomous driving sphere.
  • Successful testing of the latest version R2023.4 took place between Munich and Bolzano, showcasing the software’s efficiency on roads and in agriculture, logistics, and earthmoving contexts.

Bottom Line

With a fresh injection of funds, driveblocks is poised to revolutionize the commercial vehicle sector. The funding will be allocated towards enhancing the Mapless Autonomy Platform, expanding field testing, optimizing data management, deepening customer collaborations, and gearing up for series certification of their cutting-edge components. Stakeholders from Rethink Ventures, Bayern Kapital Innovation Fund II, and Friedrich & Wagner Holding all see a bright future for driveblocks, with its potential to be a frontrunner in commercial vehicle autonomous driving solutions.


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