Cruise Unveils Comprehensive Passenger Safety Plan for Autonomous Ridehail Services

What’s Happening

Cruise, a leading innovator in autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, has outlined its extensive Passenger Safety Plan for its driverless ridehail service. The plan is designed to offer maximum security and support for riders while enhancing the user experience.

Why It Matters

As AV technology continues to evolve and become more widespread, the issue of passenger safety has grown in importance. Cruise’s comprehensive Passenger Safety Plan demonstrates the company’s commitment to addressing safety concerns, ensuring that riders feel secure and comfortable when using the service.

Key Points

Cruise’s safety initiative empowers riders by providing a variety of support channels throughout the ride experience. If riders have queries or issues, Cruise support can be accessed before, during, and after the ride via the Cruise App. The support encompasses both non-urgent and immediate concerns, including live support for deaf or hard-of-hearing passengers.

The Cruise App also allows riders to modify their pick-up and drop-off locations, request an early termination of the ride, and share their trip with loved ones for added peace of mind.

In addition to providing comprehensive support, Cruise keeps riders informed about the status of their ride and any occurring events through notifications and automated calls. The company has also trained its customer support staff to handle a variety of situations, including account set-up, ride assistance, feedback collection, and emergency response coordination.

For cases where riders are unresponsive at the drop-off point, Cruise has implemented a protocol where the customer support team accesses a live video feed of the car’s interior to ensure the passenger’s safety.

Bottom Line

Cruise’s Trust and Safety (T&S) team continuously works to maintain a safe, comfortable, and welcoming ridehail service for all. They set clear expectations for service use and diligently enforce rules that prioritize rider safety. With policies and strategies in place to address any safety incidents, Cruise showcases a commitment to improving service enhancements and rider communications based on valuable safety data.

Cruise’s comprehensive Passenger Safety Plan underscores their dedication to pioneering a safer and more efficient future for autonomous ridehail services. By empowering riders and promoting a respectful service environment, Cruise is paving the way for a smoother transition to a driverless future.


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