CES 2024: Black Sesame’s Auto Innovations

Black Sesame Technologies, a global leader in intelligent vehicle SoC and solutions, has recently unveiled groundbreaking products at CES 2024. The event was a showcase of the company’s innovative prowess, particularly its autonomous driving chip, the Huashan Series A1000, and the Wudang C1200 Series intelligent vehicle cross-domain computing platform. These introductions signify a major leap in the autonomous driving sector.

The Huashan A1000 chip, heralded as China’s first automotive-grade single-SoC platform, has revolutionized both driving and parking functionalities. It’s now a cornerstone in the domestic market, prominently featured in leading Chinese automakers’ vehicles, including the Lynk & Co 08 and Hycan V09. Its capabilities extend to integrated driving, urban navigation, and enhanced vehicle-road cooperation. Black Sesame Technologies emphasized the chip’s extensive features and its role in accelerating autonomous driving’s commercialization.

The company’s comprehensive ecosystem around the Huashan-2 A1000 chip encompasses domain controllers, an operating system, and middleware. This ecosystem is pivotal in expediting the commercialization process for automakers and suppliers. The Huashan-2 A1000’s integration with the BlackBerry QNX operating system in mass production sets a new industry standard in intelligent driving solutions.

Another remarkable innovation is the Wudang C1200 Series, an “All-in-One” chip setting global benchmarks in vehicle computing. It surpasses competitors with its integrated computational power and 10 Gigabit network hardware acceleration capabilities. This chip enables the integration of various intelligent functions into a single vehicle, evident in the Wudang Series C1236 and C1296 models.

CES 2024 attendees can experience the multifaceted capabilities of the Wudang C1200 series at the Black Sesame Technologies booth. The series showcases integrated driving and parking platforms, superior vehicle data exchange, and enhanced security features.

Black Sesame Technologies’ focus extends beyond hardware to software-hardware synergy. The company’s “chip + development toolchain” model aids customers in improving R&D efficiency and reducing costs. The Shanhai development toolchain, paired with the Huashan autonomous driving chips, provides comprehensive development kits and software tools for algorithm development, lowering barriers in algorithm development.

Black Sesame Technologies is committed to fostering growth and creating value in the industry through chip innovation and technological advancement. The company’s dedication to partnering with a growing network of ecosystem partners aims to drive mutual growth and shared success in the intelligent vehicle sector.

About Black Sesame Technologies: A leader in automotive-grade computing SoCs and solutions, Black Sesame Technologies is at the forefront of intelligent vehicle solution provision. With its proprietary products and technologies, the company empowers intelligent vehicles with capabilities essential for the future of autonomous driving and smart connectivity.


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