Bosch Unveils Integrated Car Chip Tech

Bosch is set to unveil an innovation in vehicle technology at CES® 2024: the integration of infotainment and driver assistance functions into a single System on Chip (SoC). This marks a significant shift from the current fragmented electronic architecture in cars towards a more centralized, software-defined approach.

Why It Matters

This development represents a major leap in automotive technology, emphasizing Bosch’s role as a leader in this field. By consolidating various functions into one central vehicle computer, Bosch aims to simplify electronic systems in vehicles while enhancing security. The move towards a unified system could potentially reshape the automotive industry, offering more streamlined, cost-effective, and secure solutions.

Bosch Unveils Integrated Car Chip Tech

Key Points

  • Centralized Computing: Bosch’s new vehicle computer, named the cockpit & ADAS integration platform, combines infotainment and driver assistance features into a single SoC.
  • Market Potential: The company predicts a significant market opportunity, expecting a volume of 32 billion euros by 2030 for vehicle computers in these domains.
  • Modularity and Scalability: Bosch’s approach involves a modular system, allowing vehicle manufacturers to customize and scale their solutions.
  • Competitive Advantage: Bosch’s extensive knowledge across various vehicle domains positions it uniquely in the market.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: The multi-SoC approach allows Bosch to cater to customer-specific requirements using chips from various manufacturers.

Bottom Line

Bosch is not only pioneering in the realm of vehicle computers but also setting a new standard for automotive technology. By integrating multiple functions into a single chip and offering a flexible, scalable solution, it is paving the way for more advanced, software-defined vehicles. This innovation is expected to significantly impact the automotive market, driving forward the evolution of car technology. Bosch’s foresight and adaptability underline its role as a frontrunner in the industry, capable of shaping future trends in automotive technology.


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