BYD’s 2024 Dream Day Innovations

BYD, a global frontrunner in new energy vehicles, recently held its 2024 Dream Day at the company’s headquarters in Shenzhen. The event was a significant milestone, showcasing BYD’s new strategy, Integrated Vehicle Intelligence, and the introduction of the XUANJI Architecture. This pivotal development marks a new direction in the intelligent new energy vehicles sector. Furthermore, BYD announced plans to construct professional all-terrain test drive sites, signifying a leap in Chinese automotive culture within the new energy landscape.

XUANJI Architecture: Electrification Meets Intelligence

At the core of BYD’s strategy is the XUANJI Architecture, a revolutionary intelligent vehicle system. This architecture functions as the vehicle’s brain and neural network, seamlessly merging electrification and intelligence. It rapidly processes changes in the car’s internal and external environments, facilitating swift decision-making and enhancing both safety and comfort.

Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD, emphasized, “Integrated Vehicle Intelligence is set to steer the future direction of vehicular intelligence, and to accelerate the transformation of the automotive industry.”

XUANJI AI Large Model: A Multimodal AI Revolution

BYD also introduced the XUANJI AI Large Model, a groundbreaking multimodal vehicular AI. This technology represents the first application of AI across all vehicular domains, boasting the largest data foundation in the industry, extensive sample sizes, and high computational power. It covers over 300 vehicular scenarios, enabling continuous adaptation for the Integrated Vehicle Intelligence system.

Integrated Vehicle Intelligence: Beyond Intelligent Driving

BYD’s strategy encompasses a range of intelligent features and technologies. In intelligent driving, BYD leads with over 4,000 engineers and holds the distinction of deploying L2-level intelligent driving in China and obtaining the L3-level test license. The company aims to democratize Intelligent Driving, making advanced technologies more accessible and affordable globally.

Experience Intelligence at BYD Dream Day 2024

A highlight of the Dream Day was an extensive intelligence experience. Visitors had the opportunity to engage with BYD’s latest intelligent features, including test drives of the DENZA N7 with NOA, handling the YANGWANG U8 with a Vehicle-mounted UAS, and exploring the e4 concept car’s parking and entry systems. These features underscore BYD’s prowess in intelligent technology.

Innovation with DJI: The First Vehicle-Integrated UAS

In collaboration with DJI, BYD developed the world’s first vehicle-integrated UAS, a pioneering integration of an automotive-grade drone bay. This innovation offers intelligent storage, automatic battery swapping, and charging management, and supports high-definition imaging, revolutionizing aerial travel experiences.

Future Plans: All-Terrain Test Drive Sites

BYD revealed a 5 billion RMB investment plan to build the world’s first all-terrain professional test drive sites across several Chinese cities. This initiative aims to elevate Chinese automotive culture in the new energy era.

BYD, committed to “technological innovations for a better life,” continues to lead the evolution of new energy vehicles. With its Integrated Vehicle Intelligence strategy, BYD aspires to transform the global automotive industry and enhance mobility experiences worldwide.


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