NVIDIA Expands Partnership with BYD for Broader Use of DRIVE Orin Platform in New Energy Vehicles

What’s Happening: NVIDIA has announced that its partnership with BYD, the world’s leading new energy vehicle (NEV) manufacturer, will be expanded. BYD will now utilize NVIDIA’s DRIVE Orin centralized compute platform in a wider range of its NEVs, specifically in its next-generation Dynasty and Ocean series vehicles.

Why It Matters: This expansion showcases the industry’s confidence in the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin platform, which has already found success with global mobility leaders. The partnership aims to bring safe and intelligent vehicles to the market, reflecting the shared belief that future cars will be programmable and centrally controlled by high-performance computers, with functionalities delivered and enhanced through software updates throughout the vehicles’ lifetimes.

Key Points:

  • DRIVE Orin is the highest-performance automotive-grade processor on the market, performing up to 254 trillion operations per second.
  • The platform is designed to meet stringent industry safety standards and is capable of powering AI cockpits and automated driving functions.
  • NVIDIA and BYD foresee a future where cars are based on centralized computers rather than many embedded controllers.
  • The enhanced partnership will see DRIVE Orin deployed across multiple models in BYD’s next-generation Dynasty and Ocean series vehicles.

Bottom Line: NVIDIA’s expanded partnership with BYD highlights the growing trend towards software-defined vehicles and centralized computing. This collaboration sets the stage for safer and more intelligent NEVs, as the DRIVE Orin platform is increasingly adopted in the automotive industry. Furthermore, BYD’s announcement of integrating NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming service into its vehicles showcases the company’s commitment to enhancing the in-vehicle experience for consumers.

BYD has already sold over 3.7 million NEVs globally as of February 2023, thanks to its industry-leading technologies such as the Blade Battery, DM-i super hybrid technology, and the e-platform. The expanded partnership with NVIDIA is expected to further strengthen BYD’s position in the NEV market and contribute to an improved mobility experience for consumers. For more information on the latest technology breakthroughs in automotive and other industries, attend NVIDIA’s GTC event featuring CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote and various sessions with mobility leaders.


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