Autonomous Vehicle Innovation: Perrone Robotics Leads the Way

In celebration of National Autonomous Vehicle Day, Perrone Robotics underscores its leadership in autonomous driving, showcasing an impressive range of deployments across the United States. Perrone’s TONY AV and ADAS kits are setting new standards in transit automation, enhancing both safety and efficiency.

Key Highlights

  • Detroit’s Autonomous Ford E-Transit Vans: Detroit’s ‘Connect’ program utilizes a fleet of Ford E-Transit vans equipped with Perrone’s TONY AV kits, operating on a 10-mile shuttle route in downtown Detroit. With numerous vans already in use and more being prepared, this turnkey AV product is quickly becoming a proven solution in the industry.
  • Houston METRO and CapMetro: Perrone Robotics has retrofitted a body-on-chassis electric shuttle bus for Houston METRO, ensuring compliance with FMVSS, ADA, and Buy America standards. Additionally, CapMetro’s bus yard management program is preparing for Perrone’s bus-based TONY AV technology, improving operational efficiency.
  • University of Alabama Collaboration: Under an FTA grant, Perrone collaborates with the University of Alabama to develop ADAS for large transit buses, including both battery-electric and diesel buses. This project combines virtual simulations and real-world testing to enhance safety features for Crimson Ride buses.
  • CALSTART and Ohio: Perrone partners with CALSTART in Ohio to retrofit transit buses with autonomous technology under the U.S. DOT SMART Grants Program, aiming to improve safety and efficiency in Ohio’s public transit systems.
  • Nationwide Deployments: Perrone’s technology is also deployed in diverse locations such as the Philadelphia Navy Yard, Virginia Tech and UVA Foundation in Virginia, Sustainability Partners in Hawaii, New Jersey’s first public road autonomous shuttle at Newark Airport, and Jacksonville Transportation Authority’s zero-emissions transit van. Each deployment reflects Perrone’s commitment to innovation and safety.
Autonomous Vehicle Innovation: Perrone Robotics Leads the Way

Proven Versatility

Perrone’s patented TONY Kit demonstrates exceptional versatility, integrating seamlessly into passenger vans, 40-foot buses, body-on-chassis mini-buses, cargo vans, and more. This adaptability allows for a wide range of applications, benefiting both fully automated and ADAS solutions.

“Perrone Robotics’ TONY kits are transforming transit and transportation across the country,” said Paul Perrone, Founder and CEO. “Our vehicle-agnostic solutions have seen significant growth and are making practical and meaningful strides in enhancing public transit safety and efficiency.”

About Perrone Robotics

Perrone Robotics is a leading provider of fully automated vehicle systems. The company’s TONY® (short for “TO Navigate You”) vehicle-independent retrofit kit offers complete “artificial driver” or advanced driver assistance solutions, applicable to any vehicle type or model for any job application. Proven, piloted, and in commercial production, Perrone’s systems enhance transportation efficiencies, safety, and zero-emission electric vehicle deployment for commercial, municipal, and governmental customers. The company also provides a range of turnkey automated shuttles and vehicles pre-integrated with the TONY AV or ADAS kit.

TONY is patented in the U.S. (9,195,233, 9,833,901, 10,331,136, 10,379,007, 11,280,704, 11,314,251, 11,782,442) and Canada (2643378), with additional U.S. and International patents pending. TONY, MAX, Perrone Robotics, & Mobility of People and Things are trademarks of Perrone Robotics.

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