Automated Trucking Pilot Launches in Germany

IVECO, a leading heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer, in collaboration with Plus, an AI-based automated driving software company, has announced an innovative pilot program in Germany. Partnering with Europe’s largest drugstore chain, dm-drogerie markt, and DSV, a global transport and logistics provider, the pilot marks the first customer use of highly automated trucks in Germany. Slated to begin in the first half of 2024, this pilot will see IVECO trucks equipped with Plus’s technology transporting goods across the Baden-Württemberg-Hessen region.

Why It Matters

This groundbreaking project signifies a significant advancement in automated trucking technology and its practical applications in commercial freight transportation. By demonstrating the viability and benefits of such technology in a real-world, high-traffic commercial route, this pilot is poised to be a critical step in the widespread adoption of automated trucks. The program aims to not only improve transportation efficiency but also enhance safety, reduce stress for drivers, and make the logistics industry more sustainable.

Key Points

  • IVECO and Plus, in partnership with dm-drogerie markt and DSV, are launching a highly automated trucking pilot in Germany.
  • The pilot involves PlusDrive, Plus’s AI-based driver-supervised automated driving software, integrated into IVECO heavy-duty trucks.
  • The route will cover the Baden-Württemberg-Hessen region, focusing on transporting dm-drogerie markt products.
  • The project seeks to demonstrate the current capabilities of automated driving technology in enhancing freight transportation efficiency, safety, and sustainability.
  • This initiative aligns with the participating companies’ commitments to sustainability and innovation in logistics.

Bottom Line

This collaborative effort represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the transport industry, marking a shift towards new standards of safety and efficiency. As Christian Bodi of dm-drogerie markt states, this pilot is a “groundbreaking step towards sustainable logistics,” emphasizing the potential impact on supply chain smoothness and reliability. Jens Bjørn Andersen of DSV highlights the role of such innovative projects in the industry’s green transition. Marco Liccardo of Iveco Group and Shawn Kerrigan of Plus both recognize the transformative potential of this technology. This pilot not only showcases the immediate benefits of automated trucking but also lays the groundwork for future advancements in autonomous driving technology.


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