Arcimoto and Faction Technology Join Forces to Scale Driverless Electric Vehicle Fleets

What’s Happening

Arcimoto, Inc., a leading North American electric vehicle manufacturer, and Faction Technology, Inc., a self-driving technology provider, have announced a strategic and joint investment agreement aimed at scaling driverless vehicle fleets. This move will strengthen Arcimoto’s position in the passenger, commercial, and industrial mobility market by incorporating Faction’s innovative driverless vehicle technology.

Why It Matters

The integration of Faction’s DriveLink® and TeleAssist® technologies with Arcimoto platform vehicles will enable vehicle-side AI driving capabilities alongside best-in-class remote human teleoperation. This partnership will leverage the core strengths of the Arcimoto platform, such as a top speed of 75 mph and a range of over 100 miles. The technology can be applied to any Arcimoto vehicle variant, providing a versatile solution for fleet customers in the logistics and transportation sectors. The collaboration aims to offer an efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solution for urban mobility while reducing carbon emissions.

Key Points

  • Arcimoto’s mission to deploy ultra-efficient electric vehicles is now bolstered by the incorporation of Faction’s blend of on-board vehicle AI and remote human supervision technology.
  • The combination of Faction’s self-driving technology and Arcimoto’s vehicles will provide customers with autonomous technologies, allowing for more sustainable and energy-efficient transportation.
  • Arcimoto and Faction are targeting fleet customers in the logistics and transportation sectors as the primary market for their driverless electric vehicle solution.
  • Both companies believe that right-sizing vehicles will improve efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and offer cost savings over existing urban mobility offerings.

Bottom Line

The strategic partnership between Arcimoto and Faction Technology presents a significant step forward in the pursuit of scalable driverless electric vehicle fleets. By combining Faction’s self-driving technology with Arcimoto’s ultra-efficient and affordable electric vehicles, the two companies are poised to quickly deploy a highly scalable solution that meets the growing demand for efficient transportation. This collaboration will not only provide a customizable, sustainable, and cost-effective transportation solution for commercial customers but will also contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in urban environments.


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