ADA Compliant Autonomous Vehicle Is On Its Way

The autonomous vehicle (AV) technology company is partnering with BraunAbility, the world’s largest manufacturer of mobility solutions, to create and deploy the first ADA-compliant AVs to the masses by late 2022.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – May Mobility is partnering with BraunAbility to modify the May Mobility Toyota Sienna Autono-MaaS (S-AM) fleet to include ADA-compliant autonomous vehicles.

This is part of May Mobility’s broader vision of improving accessibility and equity in transit through autonomous driving technology. The company is also integrating assistive technology within the vehicle cabin through speakers and a display to help people with audio and visual impairments see and hear when it is safe to enter and exit the vehicle.

The partnership with BraunAbility will produce an ADA-compliant, rear-entry conversion of May Mobility’s S-AM vehicles. The vehicles will be able to carry two ambulatory (non-wheelchair users) riders and a rider using a wheelchair or four ambulatory riders.

In addition to providing accessibility features for riders using mobility devices, May Mobility will also enhance Sienna’s interior with audio and visual cues to inform riders of key journey moments, such as arriving at a stop, doors opening and closing, and departure.

Modified S-AM vehicles will first be introduced at all May Mobility sites in 2022. The partnership between May Mobility and BraunAbility lays the groundwork for further development and deployment of ADA-compliant vehicles and technologies in the future.

S-AM is Toyota’s autonomous mobility as a service (Autono-MaaS) vehicle based on the Sienna utilized for May Mobility’s public road testing. It features Toyota’s highly adaptable Vehicle Control Interface (VCI), enabling seamless technology integration with May Mobility’s autonomous driving kit (ADK) for robust operation of crucial vehicle control systems, such as steering, brakes, and acceleration.


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