Zoox Testing Expansion: Austin and Miami

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Zoox is advancing its mission to deliver safe, comfortable robotaxi rides by expanding testing to Austin and Miami. These cities will become the fourth and fifth locations for Zoox’s public testing. The initiative underscores Zoox’s commitment to refining its autonomous technology in diverse and challenging environments.

Key Highlights:

  • Expansion to Austin and Miami: Fourth and fifth testing locations for Zoox.
  • Past Testing Locations: San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Seattle.
  • Initial Deployment: Retrofitted Toyota Highlander test fleet with safety drivers.
  • Testing Focus: Challenging driving features and random routes within a geofence.
  • Future Goals: Commercial markets in Las Vegas and San Francisco, with more cities to follow.

Zoox is turning up the heat in its journey to bring safe, comfortable robotaxi rides to the world. The next stops are two iconic American cities: Austin and Miami, where testing will soon begin.

Austin and Miami are known for their vibrant cultures and challenging driving environments, making them ideal for testing autonomous vehicles. Austin, famous for its BBQ and live music, offers a dynamic tech scene, while Miami boasts vibrant nightlife and groundbreaking art. Both cities present unique driving conditions, from horizontal traffic lights in Austin to diagonally suspended lights in Miami.

Austin and Miami will mark the fourth and fifth public testing locations for Zoox. The company began in San Francisco in 2018, expanded to Las Vegas in 2019, and then moved to Seattle in 2021. This latest expansion to a new coast and two new states signifies a significant step forward for Zoox.

Zoox Testing Expansion: Austin and Miami

“We’re laying the foundations for our autonomous ride-hailing service in new cities across the US. Austin and Miami offer key learning opportunities that will support the continued growth and refinement of our testing and service.” – Ron Thaniel, Senior Director, Policy & Regulatory Affairs

With millions of autonomous miles in diverse environments, Zoox enters Austin and Miami with confidence and care. After a brief mapping mission, Zoox will deploy its retrofitted Toyota Highlander test fleet, equipped with safety drivers, in small areas near the business and entertainment districts of both cities. This initial deployment aims to gather valuable insights and feedback.

To fine-tune autonomous driving in dense urban areas, Zoox identifies specific pre-planned routes with the most challenging driving features and scenarios. The company also tests randomly selected point-to-point routes within a defined geofence, starting with a focused testing area and expanding methodically as the AI gets more familiar with each city’s unique conditions.

Both Austin and Miami offer unique opportunities and valuable challenges that will help Zoox refine its driving. Austin’s horizontal traffic lights, railway crossings, and thunderstorms provide a rigorous testing environment. In Miami, the traffic lights suspended diagonally across intersections add another layer of complexity. The insights gained in these cities will be invaluable for future operations.

Zoox is not deploying its purpose-built robotaxi or offering public rides in Austin or Miami just yet. The target cities for the first commercial markets remain Las Vegas and San Francisco, with several cities being explored for future commercial offerings after the initial launch.

Zoox is committed to being a valuable resource and good neighbor in the communities it serves. The company emphasizes working closely with local officials, regulators, and residents to ensure a safe and seamless integration of Zoox into these cities. The philosophy of “no surprises”, transparency, and collaboration is central to Zoox’s approach.

Zoox invites potential riders, local officials, and anyone interested in their journey to reach out. The company is dedicated to building a safer, more efficient, and sustainable future of transportation for all. Stay tuned for more updates as Zoox continues to grow.

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