ZF and Oceaneering Expand Relationship to Supply Autonomous Shuttles

ZF, a leading global technology company, and Oceaneering International, Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas, are strengthening their partnership to advance autonomous transportation solutions. The collaboration centers on the production and distribution of ZF’s Group Rapid Transport Gen 3 (GRT) shuttle for use on segregated lanes, initially in the United States.

Why It Matters:

The expansion of the ZF-Oceaneering partnership signifies a significant stride in the realm of autonomous mobility. By combining Oceaneering’s engineering and manufacturing prowess with ZF’s expertise in autonomous driving technology, this collaboration aims to provide customers with a substantial number of ZF’s highly regarded GRT shuttles in the years to come. These shuttles are designed specifically for use on segregated lanes and have a remarkable track record, having logged over 100 million autonomously driven kilometers in real traffic, transported more than 14 million passengers, and maintained an uptime performance of over 99 percent.

Key Points:

  • ZF and Oceaneering expand their partnership to supply autonomous shuttle systems.
  • Oceaneering receives the license for production and exclusive sales rights of ZF’s GRT shuttle.
  • The GRT shuttle is renowned for its extensive real-world experience, making it one of the world’s most trusted autonomous transport systems.
  • The partnership leverages over 30 years of collaboration between Oceaneering and ZF’s subsidiary, 2getthere, in the development of automated shuttle systems for entertainment venues.
  • The collaboration will introduce autonomous shuttles to the U.S. market, serving enterprises, cities, and municipalities.

Bottom Line:

The ZF and Oceaneering partnership expansion represents a significant move toward a future characterized by clean, safe, and efficient mobility. Autonomous shuttles like the GRT hold the key to reducing traffic congestion, minimizing the number of vehicles on the road, and curbing emissions. As these two industry leaders join forces, they are well-positioned to offer complete autonomous transport solutions that enhance mobility ecosystems and meet the needs of businesses and municipalities alike. With a proven track record and state-of-the-art facilities, Oceaneering is set to play a vital role in bringing these innovative projects to fruition.

In the quest for a future marked by automated, comfortable, and affordable transportation for all, ZF and Oceaneering’s partnership is a significant step in the right direction. Whether it’s streamlining airport operations or improving the visitor experience at theme parks, these autonomous shuttles promise to reshape urban mobility, providing a sustainable and accessible solution for the challenges of tomorrow.


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