Waymo Partners with Uber for Phoenix Rides

Waymo’s fully autonomous driving technology, known as the “Waymo Driver,” is now accessible to Uber riders in Phoenix. Today, users within the 225+ square mile area of Metro Phoenix can opt for a Waymo vehicle when booking certain Uber services.

Why It Matters

This integration signifies the initial stage of the strategic partnership between Waymo and Uber, announced earlier this year. By offering Waymo’s autonomous rides on Uber’s platform, both companies aim to promote and expand the reach of driverless car technology.

Key Points

  • Users can choose a Waymo vehicle when requesting an UberX, Uber Green, Uber Comfort, or Uber Comfort Electric ride.
  • Tekedra Mawakana, co-CEO of Waymo, emphasizes the desire to expose more people to the consistency, safety, and pleasure of riding with Waymo Driver.
  • The Waymo Driver can still be booked directly via the Waymo One app, which is available in Metro Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and soon, Austin.
  • In Metro Phoenix alone, tens of thousands utilize Waymo Driver monthly, with over 10,000 rides offered weekly. A significant fraction of these rides are associated with Sky Harbor International Airport.
  • This month marks significant milestones for Waymo: the fifth anniversary of Waymo One’s debut in Chandler, Arizona, and three years since it started its full-autonomous service to the general public. Over these years, they’ve expanded their Phoenix service area fivefold, making it the world’s most extensive AV ride-hailing region.

Bottom Line

The collaboration between Waymo and Uber not only enhances the scope of autonomous driving benefits but also invites a broader audience to embrace the future of transportation. This partnership promises to shape the direction of autonomous ride-hailing, promoting both safety and innovation.


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