Waabi Launches Texas AV Terminal

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Waabi, an innovative leader in autonomous driving technology, has recently inaugurated a new autonomous trucking terminal in Lancaster, Texas. This facility is strategically designed to bolster Waabi’s operations and growth in the region, marking a significant step in its expansion strategy. Located in the Dallas suburb, the terminal is set to become the central hub for the company’s activities throughout Texas.

Key Highlights

  • Purpose-built Terminal: The new site spans over 8 acres, dedicated specifically to autonomous vehicle (AV) trucking.
  • Advanced Features: It includes extensive trailer parking, a large office and maintenance shop, high-speed data capabilities, a fueling station, truck scales, and specialized inspection areas.
  • Strategic Expansion: This move is part of Waabi’s efforts to scale their operations and enhance their commercial presence in the Southern U.S.

Waabi’s commitment to the Texas market began last year, with autonomous hauling between Dallas and Houston, in collaboration with Uber Freight. The Lancaster terminal will support not only the refinement of Waabi’s operational infrastructure but also foster closer ties with a broadening array of commercial partners.

Raquel Urtasun, Founder and CEO of Waabi, emphasized the importance of the location, stating, “Texas is a critical location for us as it is the home to our first commercial operations and several important shipping corridors. By establishing our presence here, we are committed to creating more opportunities for autonomous trucking in the region.” She views the facility as vital for both Waabi’s future and the broader future of autonomous trucking.

John D. Esparza, President and CEO of The Texas Trucking Association (TXTA), shared his enthusiasm about Waabi’s growth: “The Texas Trucking Association couldn’t be more excited to witness Waabi’s growth right here in Texas. With the addition of this new AV terminal, we will continue to show ourselves as a state committed to innovation in autonomous trucking and safety,” said Esparza. He highlighted the facility as a symbol of commitment to safety and innovation within the state.

The new terminal is not only a logistical hub but also a catalyst for job creation and research development in the area. Waabi plans to expand its Dallas team in support of ongoing and future trucking operations.

About Waabi: Founded by AI visionary Raquel Urtasun, Waabi is at the forefront of developing generative AI for safe autonomous driving. Supported by top-tier investors and committed to pioneering next-generation driving technology, Waabi aims to bring autonomous driving closer to widespread commercial use.

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