Vueron Technology to launch autonomous cold-chain delivery

SEOUL, South Korea – LiDAR autonomous driving startup Vueron Technology has announced that it will launch an eco-friendly autonomous truck delivery business, exclusively partnering with the leading cold-chain logistics platform in Korea.

Established in 2019, Vueron Technology develops LiDAR solutions and autonomous driving technology. Vueron provides ‘VueOne’ (Automotive LiDAR solution) and ‘VueTwo’ (Smart infrastructure LiDAR solution) based on self-developed perception algorithms. The excellence of its cutting-edge technology was highlighted when the company succeeded this year in obtaining an autonomous vehicle permit in California and Nevada to use only one LiDAR sensor, a technological accomplishment unmatched to date.

Using their newest LiDAR solution that can perform safe and efficient autonomous driving, Vueron aims to provide sustainable logistics solutions with the eco-friendly self-driving delivery service within the cold-chain market, partnering with Teamfresh, which accounts for more than 90% of the whole fresh product delivery business in South Korea. Through its innovative LiDAR-based solution, Vueron believes it can tackle the dual problems of high transportation costs and labor shortage, which have always represented a big hurdle in the logistics market.

To establish itself as a tech-based problem solver in logistics, Vueron stated it would continue striving to pursue collaborative businesses in different industries such as cosmetics, liquor, and local fresh foods. By providing customized forms of autonomous driving solutions adjusted to each client’s needs, Vueron hopes to solve the most challenging issues facing clients around the globe.

At CES 2023, Vueron is planning to reveal its eco-friendly self-driving delivery truck—a safe autonomous driving system based on Vueron’s advanced technology. Employing the company’s self-driving permits issued by the California and Nevada DMVs, they will also present an autonomous driving live demo around Las Vegas during CES 2023.


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